What can an open MRI show?

Understanding why you may need an MRI scan and what the MRI results will show

open-mri-scannerWhether you’re receiving an open MRI of your hip, leg or arm, a spine MRI, MRI of your shoulder, or scanning any other part of your body, the resulting images will show details of your bones, tissues, joints, ligaments and more. Learn about what MRI scans can show and how this can help diagnose certain conditions:

MRI is more powerful than X-ray and it doesn’t use radiation. It is a safe procedure that uses a magnet, radio waves and a computer to scan areas of the body and produce detailed pictures of internal organs, tissues, blood vessels, muscles, bones and cartilage.

MRI scans are done in order to help diagnose injuries, infection and other illnesses. MRI also distinguishes normal tissue from a tumour and can help clarify the size, severity and spread.

knee mri scanYou may be referred for an open MRI scan for many reasons:

  • To treat an injury, like a shoulder dislocation
  • To identify the cause of pain, swelling, redness, lumps or numbness
  • To monitor patients with a history of cancer or other disease
  • To treat an infection, for example brain infection
  • Following a stroke or diagnosis of a disease
  • Following abnormal findings of an x-ray or other examination
  • Women’s issues like infertility, endometriosis or pelvis mass
  • Birth defects
  • For multiple sclerosis, arthritis, scoliosis, Baker’s Cyst and a number of diseases and disorders

The open scanner can perform MRI scans of the following:

  • Leg, arm, knee and shoulder MRI scans
  • MRI of the cervical and lumbar spine
  • Hip, pelvis and abdominal MRI
  • Brain MRI scans

The open MRI is not sufficient for cardiac (heart) or breast MRI scans. It uses a 3.5T magnet which is effective at scanning the areas of the body outlined above.

Why choose an open MRI?

private brain mriOur open MRI scanner is 132cm wide, which is double the width of a traditional scanner. As it has no walls, it is possible for the patient to see outside of the scanner during the procedure. It also produces a lot less noise than a traditional MRI scanner and provides a more relaxing experience, especially since a friend or family member can hold your hand throughout the scan.

We can accept referrals on the NHS for patients who are claustrophobic or obese, since they won’t be able to have an enclosed MRI scan.

Contact us to learn more about the open MRI or with any questions about what an MRI scan can show.



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