The top MRI stories from 2018

This year presented many ground-breaking new studies and notable news stories about the MRI scanner. Here are a few of the most important MRI stories from 2018:

NCL MRI Photo 13MRI dementia research

Scientists are working on developing a way to predict the onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease using MRI scans. MRI brain scans may one day be able to gauge your risk of dementia as early as 2.6 years before memory loss is detectable.

MRI award

The MRI scanner was named the top health innovation to ever come out of the UK by Universities UK!

MRI scans were developed at the University of Nottingham in the 1970s. Sir Peter Mansfield, who led the team, became the first person to be scanned by the machine.

More than 40 years later, the invention is still used by doctors in more than 60 million clinical examinations each year, according to UUK.

MRI scan of a baby

The clearest ever MRI scan of a baby in the womb was released this year. The video of the MRI scan shows a 20-week old baby moving inside its mother’s belly, turning her head and kicking. You can even see the baby’s heartbeat!


fMRI improvements

Scientists developed a new way to better see and monitor brain function using fMR (functional MRI) brain scanners. The new method could allow researchers to link specific brain functions to their pattern of neuron activity, and to determine how distant brain regions communicate with each other during particular tasks.

That means they can now map patterns of neural activity with greater precision. Find out how it works here.

Tragic MRI event

In a devastating accident, a man in India was sucked into an MRI scanner and suffered injuries that led to his death. The man was apparently told by a junior member of staff to carry a metal cylinder of liquid oxygen into a room containing an MRI machine, but the scanner’s magnet was turned on causing him to be pulled violently toward the scanner.

This is a tragic example of the need for strict MRI safety precautions, which are of the highest importance at Newcastle Clinic.

Beatbox MRI

An interesting video of a man beatboxing in an MRI scanner shows the intricate workings of the tongue and mouth – see for yourself:


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