The latest feedback about Newcastle Clinic’s open MRI scanner

call-for-more-open-mrisIn order to help future patients understand what it’s like to have an MRI in our open MRI scanner, we have put together an overview of some of the latest feedback we’ve received from patients.

Our non-claustrophobic MRI scanner allows patients to relax while having the procedure. It is much quieter than standard MRI scanners, and patients can hold a family member’s or friend’s hand throughout the scan.

Here’s a snapshot of how recent patients have responded to the open MRI:

Have you had a closed MRI scan before? If so, can you tell us how the experience compared to the open MRI?

“I could never get in a closed scanner again. I have only recently found myself to be claustrophobic and had nightmares after my last closed scan. In the open scanner, although still uncomfortable, you can see out to the side and have a fairly normal conversation with a friend or relative. I could not have coped without my daughter to talk to and hold my hand.”

“Had about 5, last one was in a mobile unit that vibrated and shook, the noise was unbearable. I now suffer from claustrophobia after that. Was supposed to have another one at the Cumberland infirmary but was so anxious the night before I couldn’t sleep, an hour before I threw up thinking about it. I cancelled.”


“The open scan is much more relaxing and there is a lot more space around you. My last scan I needed dye put into my veins and using this scanner it was much more easier to administer. I am 6ft 4in and 18 stone so having to use the tunnel scanners in the past was a lot more challenging to a guy my size.”

“I have had quite a few MRI scans over the years due to back problems, etc. This is the second time I have used this open one at the Newcastle Clinic and have found the experience much more relaxing.”

Tell us about your experience in the open MRI scanner:


private mri referrals“I was extremely anxious and the nurse who looked after me could not have been any more caring or helpful. She even came to check on me afterwards.”

“Being very claustrophobic and having bad experiences with normal MRI, I was still quite nervous until I was laid down. It is such a different atmosphere, not as loud, all open at the sides and quite relaxing. The staff are amazing and very understanding and made it a nice experience. Husband was allowed to sit next to me. I will need another MRI in the future and without questing will be returning here. Would recommend.”

“The Newcastle Clinic is one amazing private clinic, for the first time in my life I was seen before my appointment time and the staff where amazing, dead friendly and always putting the patients first!! I’d highly recommend this clinic to everyone!!”

“It was brilliant would recommend it to anyone lovely place lovely staff and I was seen to very quick.”

“No waiting time and the staff are very friendly. The MRI scan is much less stressful as it is open and you don’t feel closed in like the other scans I have had. You can take someone in with you if you feel nervous and they play music to help you relax.”

“Fast and efficient service. Went for a MRI scan and was seen to on time. Nice modern premises with tea and coffee facilities along with TVs in the waiting area.”

“I would like to thank you for the kindness and consideration you gave to me today whilst having my MRI. I am VERY claustrophobic and the gent who did the scan was lovely! Between him and my husband sat at the side they kept me calm. Thank you so much.”


Newcastle Clinic accepts NHS referrals for claustrophobic and obese patients from anywhere in the UK, as well as private patients who have health insurance or are self-funded. Please contact us with any questions about the open scanner or our diagnostic imaging services. 

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  • Keith Rennie says:

    As I suffer from a pituitary Tumor and have done for 20 or so years, I have had quite a few MRI scans in the past. I have only ever in all of these years had one scan in an open scanner , this I found a too be lot better than the closed type, for many reasons, but mainly because it is obviously not as claustrophobic as the closed type which I would suggest is the main reason for the many whom do not like MRI scans

  • Margaret Cliff says:

    Yes it’s scary enclosed & very noisy, despite been given headphones once. This sounds much better. Especially good children too

  • I have had two bad experiences due to a ,MRI, Scanner …one leading to a huge nose bleed …I have Spina Bifida, Spinal Tethered Cord and Brain Aneurysms….but I suffer from claustrophobia …I can not have an MRI scan unless I am under anesthetic…..but a while a go I had a Spinal check on an open scanner in your clinic but when I went for the results they Consultant Mr Nissen at the RVI had to look at my old MRI scan pictures because he said the open scanner doesnt give a clear image it is a weaker picture , is this true ? and if so what is the point of the open scanner ……I need another MRI soon on my Brain and have to go under anesthetic which I wish the Open Scanner would have been more appealing to me ……please advise….

    • Newcastle Clinic says:

      Hi Vivien

      Many thanks for your recent enquiry. We have responded via email but the email address bounced back.

      I can see you had your MRI scan with us on the 21st March 2016, there isn’t an issue with the open Scanner or the images we receive all NHS referral for Claustrophobic and obese patients in the North east and Scotland.

      This scanner is ideal for patients who can’t tolerate the tunnel scanner, the images are only going to be of the best quality if the patient doesn’t move which I appreciate isn’t always possible due to anxiety.

      Mr Nissen has referred his patients to us for many years now, and if there was an issue with the quality I do believe he would have told us.

      I’ve had our MRI department check a few of your images and they were of a diagnostic quality.

      If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us again.

      Kind regards,

      Newcastle Clinic

  • Janice russell says:

    I had a mrI scan in a mobile van on Tuesday, the visit did not go well I was unable to complete the scan due to claustrophobia. I did not realise the room and scanner wold be so small, when I opened my eyes when I was in the scanner I discovered my body was nearly touching the top of the machine. I became extremely claustrophobic asked to come out of the scan.
    The staff were extremely kind advised me to ask my doctor for a sedative if I was to return for another scan. I need a scan to assess the nerve damage to my neck and spine. I am not sure if I can return.

    • Newcastle Clinic says:

      Hi Janice,
      You can request an NHS referral to the open scanner from your GP. Please let us know if we can help at all or if you have any questions about the referral process.
      Kind regards,
      Newcastle Clinic

      • Janice russell says:

        Hi I have an appointmentry with my doctor next week,I will discuss this with him
        Thank you for replying

    • Janice russell says:

      Managed to have mri scan on Tuesday evening at the western general hospital now edinburgh. The staff were great so kind and caring, after my last experience in the mobile scanner.
      I spoke to my doctor about him referring me to your hospital, he said the area NHS would not refer me as your based in Newcastle. The doctor prescribed 3 Diazipan to calm me down, they worked in was able to staying scanner long enough to take the scans.
      Thank you very much for listening to men and offering the use of your scan
      Janice russell

      • Newcastle Clinic says:

        Hi Janice,
        Thank you for letting us know how it went. We do receive many referrals from Edinburgh and the NHS can refer patients from anywhere in the UK so it’s strange that your doctor thought that. We’re so pleased that you had a better experience though!
        Kind regards,
        Newcastle Clinic

  • Digbie maidmeent says:

    is there one in the bath or Bristol area of so where

    • Newcastle Clinic says:

      Apologies, we are not aware of any open MRI scanners in that area.
      It may be best to contact your GP to discuss options.
      All the best,
      Newcastle Clinic

  • Black says:

    How much is it for a head scan and a full body scan.


    • Newcastle Clinic says:

      Hi Kathryn,

      The price of a head/brain scan costs £380. We don’t offer full body MRI scans as they are not as effective as scanning the area of the body in question, but one area generally costs £380.
      Please get in touch if you have any questions about the referral process.

      Kind regards,

      Newcastle Clinic