Shorter waiting times increase MRI success rate

A new study has demonstrated an important aspect of MRI success: patients who attend their MRI appointment sooner are more likely to have a positive experience in the MRI than patients who have to wait longer for an MRI scan.

Researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School in Boston recently performed a study to investigate the impact of wait days on missed MRI scans.

The study showed that patients who wait longer than one week for their appointment are significantly more likely to miss the appointment when the time comes.

waiting room

Because the NHS is responsible for scanning a very high volume of patients, the wait time for an NHS MRI scan takes up to 6 weeks on average. Patients then tend to wait one or two weeks for their results.

At Newcastle Clinic, we can provide appointments for MRI scans far quicker – with maximum wait times of just seven days. Often, we can complete a scan within just three days of receiving a referral. And we ensure that all patients receive their results within one week.

Newcastle Clinic is able to provide scans quickly because we’re open evenings, Saturdays, and every other Sunday. This ensures that our patients are seen as soon as possible to provide a much less stressful waiting time leading up to the appointment.

We’re able to accept NHS referrals for patients who are claustrophobic or obese. Many patients are unable to have an MRI in a traditional NHS scanner, but the open MRI is double the width of a typical scanner and has no enclosed tube, making the procedure much more comfortable and less stressful.

If you or a loved one have been referred for an MRI and you are concerned about long wait times, don’t hesitate to contact us regarding a private MRI scan or the possibility of an NHS referral. We’ll ensure that the results of your scan are available within one week to put your mind at ease and ensure treatment is delivered as soon as possible.

The open MRI also offers a much more comfortable experience and a higher patient success rate than enclosed scanners. Learn more about the open MRI or contact us to discuss your referral.