Offering comfortable MRI scans for children

At Newcastle Clinic, we understand the difficulty that adults experience when facing a closed MRI: anxiety, claustrophobia and fear. Can you imagine a child’s reaction to laying alone inside a dark, noisy tube, and having to remain still for an extended period?

The experience of receiving a closed MRI scan is amplified for children, and many clinics rely on medicine or sedatives to get children through this procedure.

However, Newcastle Clinic can offer a much more comforting experience for kids who require an MRI scan with our patient-friendly open-sided scanner.

We understand that as a parent, you want your child to receive only the best care. Our staff are great with children, and we are brilliant at comforting even the most anxious of patients.

Newcastle Clinic offer open MRI scans to children as young as ten years of age. Children having a scan don’t need to take any medications or sedatives; instead, parents can stay by their side to provide comfort.

Since patients are not inserted inside a closed tube, children won’t feel isolated, and even while undergoing a scan children can watch, listen to and hold hands with their parent or guardian.

Parents can even bring along a stuffed animal or toy, as long as it doesn’t contain any metal. This can help to distract children during the procedure, and help them to stay lying still.

The open scanner has no walls and offers plenty of space above and around patients. In many cases, they can lie on their side to watch their parents, which helps prevent them from becoming nervous.

Children are only underneath the scanner as long as necessary to produce accurate images.

The open MRI scanner provides not only a more spacious and comforting setting, it is also quieter than a typical scanner.

The scanner makes slight knocking noises, but since the patient is in an open area, it isn’t magnified like the tube-style MRI machines. Parents can even bring a favourite CD to play during the scan to further distract children from the procedure.

At Newcastle Clinic, your child will receive patient, comforting support for their private appointment. And you can attend to ensure they feel no discomfort during the scan.

Please ring 0191 281 2636 with any questions or concerns about to your child’s appointment.


  • Dean kelly says:

    Just wanting a price for a MRI scan on a 2 year old. She’s currently on waiting list for one at Newcastle hospital

    • Newcastle Clinic says:

      Hi Dean,
      We will send you an email regarding your enquiry to discuss the referral process and associated costs.
      Kind regards,
      Newcastle Clinic