Newcastle Clinic offers MRI scanner for Northumbria Uni research

Newcastle Clinic is proud to be working with Northumbria University on a research project which could provide valuable insight into sports injury management and stroke rehabilitation.

The Department of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation at Northumbria University is conducting research which explores how recent findings on muscular strength in healthy adults can be applied to accelerate recovery. The results could be particularly relevant to athletes, or those suffering from strokes or limb fractures.

The research project required MRI scans to study the changes in muscle structure, so we offered up our open MRI scanning service free of charge.

In the study, volunteers completed resistance training on one arm, while the other arm was immobilised in a cast for one week. MRI scans are completed before and after the immobilisation, and the results will help to demonstrate changes in muscle structure.

5 dunno mri research

“We are delighted to partner with Newcastle Clinic in this research,” said Professor Glyn Howatson, research lead on the project. “The relationship has provided us with a great opportunity to pursue some very exciting questions that have direct implications for athletes’ rehabilitation. Perhaps more importantly, the work has implications for the rehabilitation for orthopaedic patients with immobilised limbs or indeed neurological condition that affect one side of the body.  The work is in its early stages, but there is every indication this intervention could help the recovery of numerous people.”

Northumbria University students and researchers have started the research, utilising Newcastle Clinic’s open MRI scanner to gather initial findings.

“I’m very pleased at the opportunity to provide the MRI for this research project,” said Shaun Fryer, Director of Newcastle Clinic. “Northumbria University and particularly the Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Department have an excellent reputation for producing esteemed research, and we’re all very intrigued to learn what the findings show.”

Northumbria’s physiotherapy programme is ranked third in the United Kingdom, and students in the Department of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation have opportunities to work with esteemed organisations including Adidas, The Primary Care Trust and the International Olympic Committee.

Newcastle Clinic offers MRI scans free of charge to Northumbria’s elite athletes, since many require an open scanner due to their large frames, like rugby players. The scanner has no walls, and is twice the size of a traditional MRI scanner, so large patients or those with claustrophobia are much more comfortable.

Newcastle Clinic also offers discounted MRI scans to all Northumbria University students. Contact us on 0191 281 2636 to enquire about discounts or with any questions about our open MRI scanner.  

We are the only private, local clinic currently offering free research opportunities for local organisations. If you’re interested in working with Newcastle Clinic and utilising our facilities for research or study, please fill in our contact form and we’ll be in touch.