*Update – winners announced* Newcastle Clinic makes food bank donation ‘juicier’ with guessing contest

FB Ncl Clinic Juicey To demonstrate the size of their open MRI, Newcastle Clinic has decided to fill the scanner as part of a local competition


It’s traditional at fairgrounds to guess the number of sweets in a jar, but the team at Newcastle Clinic soon realised that they would need far too many jellybeans to fill an open MRI scanner – which is double the size of a standard MRI. Instead, they chose to contact their local food bank to see what food items they were lacking, and to donate the items after utilising them for the guessing contest.

The Newcastle East Foodbank was in need of long-life juice, so Newcastle Clinic has acquired, let’s just say, a LOT of juice for the attempt to fill the scanner.

Managing director Shaun Fryer said he is looking forward to making the donation, and is also eager to find out the answer to the maths challenge.

“We’ve estimated how many cartons of juice we think will fit in the open MRI, but we won’t know until we physically stack all of them into the scanner,” Fryer said.

“We are pleased that we could use this opportunity to work with the local food bank.”

In order to get the community involved, Newcastle Clinic is offering a £100 and a £50 cash prize to the two people who guess the closest amount to the total number, which will be revealed on Friday, 21 July.

So, what’s your guess? How many 1L cartons of long-life juice will fit inside the open MRI scanner? Submit your answer on Newcastle Clinic’s Facebook page for the chance to win!

This is what 5 juice cartons looks like in an open MRI scanner:



Update: preview the time-lapse of Newcastle Clinic filling the open MRI scanner with juice cartons:

*Update: this competition is now closed!*

The result: it took a whopping 891 juice cartons to fill the open MRI scanner (and a lot of muscle!)



The two winners, who both guessed 890, are Margaret Redpath and Alyson Templeman Weed, and since they both guessed the exact closest to the actual number, we’ve decided to split the total winnings between them and award them £75. Congratulations, ladies! We will contact you to get your details and send you your prize.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this contest, and to the Newcastle East Foodbank for helping collect the juice cartons!


  • Christine Armstrong says:

    Well done Margaret and Alyson,I felt sure it would have been over 1,000.

    • Newcastle Clinic says:

      Hi Christine! The juice cartoons were 1L in size so it didn’t take as many as expected. Well done and thanks for participating!

  • brenda heads says:

    Congratulations to the winners, good to see a food bank getting such a great donation from Newcastle clinic.

  • Jordan says:

    I was so close ☹️ Congratulations to the 2 winners x