MRI Makeover: announcing the theme

Newcastle Clinic is  so excited to give our our open MRI scanner a makeover to make it even more patient-friendly!

The shape of the open MRI is already much better for anybody anxious about having an MRI: it’s double the width of a traditional scanner and has no enclosed tube, and a family member can sit by your side throughout the scan.

And now, with the help of the local community, we’ve selected a theme that will make the experience even more peaceful and calming. Our MRI scanner and the MRI suite will soon be transformed into a lovely meadow full of flowers and wildlife! 

MRI theme: garden!


Thank you to everyone who voted in our Facebook poll – with your input, we’re very confident that the transformation of the MRI scanner will help to ease your anxiety about having an MRI and ensure a calm, relaxing experience. 

Call for artists

Now, we’re looking for local, enthusiastic graphic designers and artists to help us out. We need your help bringing the garden theme to life!

Please get in touch if you’re interested in helping out – the artist who submits the design that we choose to use will win a £100 gift card and can be featured in the video unveiling the new scanner!

Contact us for more details.