Our favourite MRI humour, courtesy of the internet

We know that getting an MRI scan can be a stressful experience for many people: the scanners are often claustrophobic and create anxiety for many patients who have had a scan in an enclosed scanner. That’s why we offer an open MRI: our machine doesn’t have an enclosed tube, it’s quieter and less claustrophobic. The open MRI is better suited for patients of a larger build, those who are frail, elderly or who cannot lie in certain positions.

We’ve scoured the internet for the best radiology jokes and MRI memes that might help bring a bit of humour to the situation. Here are some of our favourites:


During an MRI scan, patients are asked to remain as still as possible. And in an enclosed scanner, the sounds that patients hear are extremely loud! The open scanner is quieter, and our empathetic radiographers will let you know when you can move in between imaging sequences.

i made thisMany patients may have never experienced claustrophobia before they discover they’re claustrophobic during an MRI scan. We accept NHS referrals for patients who have claustrophobia – simply ask your GP for a referral.

15439918_1257511721003015_1818302724182359203_nSanta Claus has visited Newcastle Clinic for his scans – we even have a video to prove it!  CATSCANMRI is different than a cat scan, but this pun is so good that it’s worth sharing! if-only-i-could-get-a-tan-while-getting-my-mri-849fcUnfortunately, our open MRI doesn’t include a tanning service. But one perk is that there’s no radiation, so it’s perfectly safe and won’t affect your health!  kermie

Okay, this is an x-ray, but also too good not to share! Poor Kermit.  lab reportThose fuzzy dogs make that enclosed scanner seem somewhat less scary.


Did you know that around ten per cent of the British population is claustrophobic?

need to recreateThe minute that the radiographer asks you to remain still… your nose will start to itch.  newcastle clinic catscanWe don’t employ any cats to operate our MRI scanner, but our radiographers are purrfectly trained to make your experience relaxing!  NOMMaybe that’s how it feels to have a closed MRI…  RECREATEIt’s not likely that this will happen in the open MRI. tumblr_odxfa5KnGw1qewacoo1_500That’s one way of preparing yourself! If you’re scheduled in for an MRI at our private clinic, you can request to come and see the scanner prior to your appointment, which can help calm your nerves. b67091d678282642b1dd4fc1beb97323Uh oh!




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