Monsters in a closed MRI: a Halloween story

Even the spookiest of monsters are afraid of closed MRI scanners… but, never fear! The open MRI is much better for humans and monsters alike.


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The werewolf howled when he saw the tunnel

It reminded him of the full moon.

The clown couldn’t sit still for the scan,

He kept laughing and popping balloons.


The zombie preferred X-ray radiation –

It improves the taste of his food.

The witch cursed the small machine

– it put her in a wicked mood.


The skeleton rattled in his bones

When he heard how loud the scanner was.

The ghost slid out of the machine,

But the images just showed fuzz.


The scarecrow’s MRI showed he’s full of straw

And had bird food in his pockets.

The alien’s head was too large for the tunnel

And the noise reminded him of rockets.


Frankenstein’s Monster had shoulders far too wide

He simply would not fit.

Dracula’s scans wouldn’t develop,

And so the radiographer got bit!


So, trick or treat? Suffer through an enclosed MRI in terror… or enjoy a comforting open MRI?

At over twice the size of a standard MRI, and with no horrifying enclosed tube, the open MRI is much less stressful than a closed MRI. It’s quieter, offers more space, and a family member or ghoulfriend can sit with you throughout the scan to provide comfort. Learn more about open MRI.