Knowing what to expect during an MRI significantly reduces anxiety

The process of undergoing an MRI can make patients anxious: many MRI scanners have an enclosed, claustrophobic tube and the exam requires you to lie still while the machine emits loud noises.

Due to the stress of the exam and the claustrophobic feelings it creates, many patients are unable to complete a scan.

37 per cent of patients feel moderate to high levels of anxiety leading up to an MRI scan, with one in seven cancelling their appointment due to fear of the scanner itself.

And 12 per cent of MRI scans cannot be finished because patients are unable to undergo the scan.

However, a recent study has found that patients are more likely to complete an MRI when they understand what to expect. The success rate increases when the procedure is described to patients prior to the exam and when they have a chance to ask questions and address concerns beforehand.


brain mri scan

Researchers found that it was extremely helpful for patients to learn what the MRI scanner looks like, how it works, what it will sound like and what they will need to do to prepare for the exam.

This study highlights why the MRI experience at Newcastle Clinic is unrivalled. We take all possible measures to ensure that patients understand what their MRI exam will entail to ensure that you’ll feel comfortable throughout your appointment.

Our qualified team of radiographers always provides a calming, supportive service to ensure that you are comfortable enough to complete your MRI scan. We also offer longer appointments than the NHS and we’ll never rush you, making sure that you have plenty of time to become accustomed to the MRI scanner beforehand.

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Patients who are referred to Newcastle Clinic are welcome to visit us before their appointment and have a look at the open MRI scanner in order to better anticipate what the experience will be like.

We’ll also describe the procedure to you before and during your visit, making sure that you understand what will happen and what to expect in terms of timing and positioning.

The fact that we have an open MRI scanner also boosts patient confidence. There is no enclosed tube and it’s more than double the size of a standard MRI and therefore much quieter. You can also have a family member or friend next to you throughout the scan to help comfort and distract you.

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