MRI Makeover: submit your ideas!

Newcastle Clinic is delighted to announce that we’re embarking on a project to make our open MRI scanner even more patient-friendly… and we want your help deciding how to makeover our MRI!

The shape of the open MRI is already much better for anybody anxious about having an MRI: it’s double the width of a traditional scanner and has no enclosed tube, and a family member can sit by your side throughout the scan.

However, the scanner still looks quite… medical. So, we’ve decided to makeover our entire scanner into an even more patient-friendly MRI that will feel like an adventure instead of a procedure!

mri makeover


An MRI adventure story

There have been numerous attempts to create kid-friendly MRI scanners: MRIs have been redesigned to look like rockets, sandcastles and pirate ships!


We love these child-friendly designs, but we also believe that people of all ages will benefit from a comforting design.

We’re so excited for the redesign that we can’t decide on a theme for our MRI makeover. That’s why we’re asking for the public’s help in choosing a new theme for the scanner!


Inspired to help? Head over to our Facebook page to submit your idea for the open MRI makeover or comment below with your ideas!

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Call for artists

We’re also looking for enthusiastic graphic designers and artists to help us out. Once we settle on a theme, we’ll need your help bringing it to life!

Please get in touch if you’re interested in helping out – the artist who submits the design that we choose to use will win a £100 gift card and can be featured in the video unveiling the new scanner!

Contact us for more details.