Compare our open MRI with a closed MRI

Have you ever seen the difference between an open MRI scanner and a closed MRI scanner?

There’s virtually no comparison, as you can see in the video below, which demonstrates the difference in the amount of space available.

A standard MRI tube is just 66cm wide. You can see in the video how an average-sized person almost entirely fills the tube. For anyone suffering from claustrophobia, this would be a frightening experience and for anyone of a larger build, it would simply be impossible.

Our open MRI Scanner is 132cm wide, double the width of a traditional scanner and as it has no walls, it is completely open for the patient to see everything around them at all times. It also produces a lot less noise than a traditional MRI scanner and provides a more relaxing experience, as a friend or family member can hold your hand throughout the scan.


We can accept NHS referrals for patients who are claustrophobic or of a larger build. If you are interested in requesting a referral, or would simply find an open MRI scan a more relaxing experience, please contact us to find out more information about a private MRI at Newcastle Clinic.

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