About Newcastle Clinic

Newcastle Clinic opened in 2007 offering MRI scans and Imaging services across the North East.

In 2010 we invested heavily in new MRI scan equipment and installed the North East and Scotlands only open MRI scanner. The installation of the 30 tonne scanner involved closing a public road whilst it was manoeuvred over the rooftops of local housing using a 300 tonne crane. Once the crane was on the premises, two walls had to be demolished to slide it into its final position inside the Newcastle Clinic.

The scanner was first commissioned for use in 2011 and led to high demand with approximately 1000 scans carried out in the first year. As the demand for a more relaxed and comfortable MRI scan has increased, numbers have risen to over 2500 scans per year with people travelling from all areas of the North East, North Yorkshire and Scotland.

The Newcastle Clinic is a private hospital but is open to NHS patients who are claustrophobic, anxious or unable to fit into a traditional MRI scanner.

If you would like to be referred to the Newcastle Clinic, please ask your GP for a referral.

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